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UV Water Purifiers India Why hydrosys RO system?
UV Water Purifications Company
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UV Water Purifiers India
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UV Water Purifications Company
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UV Purifications System

UV Water Purifications Company
Xylem expert’s team is offering latest UV Purifications System with advance functionalities.

• Direct water filtration(can be connected directly to pipeline)
• Based on 5 filtration stages (7 stage optional)
• Flow adjusting through inbuilt mechanism
• Eliminate odour & toxication
• Neutralize all germs & bacteria in UV compartment
• Remove all chemical & biological impurities
• 10 litre/hr water purification
• Eradicate hazardous chlorine & lead
• Pressure controlling
• Automatic flush timer
• Attractive plastic body
• Provides clean & health drinking water

Xylem supplies UV purifications system that is very advance to purify water. Its UV compartment during purification process neutralizes all the bacteria and germs. It is manufactured in a way that adjusts its flow of water automatically. Our UV water purifiers are available in attractive body.
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