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Table Top Water Filtration System
Table Top Water Filtration System
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Tabletop Water Filtration System
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Wall Mounted / Table Top RO Purifier

Tabletop Water Filtration System

Xylem expert’s team is offering latest Wall Mount Table Top RO Purifier with advance functionalities.

• 5 purification stages( 7 as per requirement)
• Removes chemical and biological substances
• Well designed plastic body
• Tray for placing glass
• 8/10 litre per hour purification
• 8/10 litre storage tank
• Free from leakage body structure
• Very durable
• Checks chlorine & other impurities
• Tank protected from impurities and dust
• Automatic start and off function
• Automatic flushing system

We are the manufacturer of tabletop water filtration system that is available in 8 or 10 liter storage tank storage. It can purify water from all chemical and germinal impurities. It has tray for placing of the glass.

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