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RO Water Dispenser Company
RO Water Dispenser Supplier
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RO Water Dispenser
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RO Water Dispenser

RO Water Dispenser Company
Xylem expert’s team is offering latest RO Water Dispenser with advance functionalities.

• Water storage of 14 litre
• Based on 5 stage purification(7 stages optional if required)
• Silent cooling operation
• 10 litre/hr filtration speed
• Automatically operated temperature controlling system
• Purification through Reverse Osmosis technique
• Low power consumption
• Healthy and clean water purification
• Can serve 30 people unpolluted and germ free water continuously
• PP sediment filtration system for dirt and small particles holding
• Money saver
• Reverse Osmosis membrane
• Carbon filtration after the basic purification
• Consumes less space
• Granular active carbon filter
• No need of water bottles to dispenser

Xylem manufactures quality RO water dispenser that can be used at offices or where people comes from outside. Its cooling operation is very silent. It consumes less power that will prove you as a beneficial product. It can serve 30 persons at a single time.
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